1. Any real person of any nationality may participate in the contest.
  2. Each participant may present a maximum of three projects.
  3. Legends of the plots will be in english.
  4. It will be enough to reflect one aspect of the data, not all of it.
  5. Projects can be sent to the email grupousuariosrasturias@gmail.com during the dates specified during each open call.
  6. During each open call, the database will be public, in which participants can access the visualization projects.
  7. The jury is external to the convening group and of the Health and Research Institute of the Principality of Asturias (ISPA); it consists of experts in statistics, data analysis, and visualization.
  8. The jury will take one month to evaluate the projects and select a result.
  9. The opinion of the jury cannot be repealed.
  10. The jury will take the following conditions into account for evaluating projects:

    1. Whether the data management is correct:
      • Modifications must be clearly stated and justified.
      • If there are any outliers, explain where, and why.
      • If some data group is excluded, explain where and why (i.e., if one only uses adults instead of children and adults, or European countries instead of all countries).
    2. Whether the data visualization technique is correct:
      • Code submission will be valued.
      • There can be no deceptive axes or scales.
      • Axes must be correctly labeled and, if necessary, units labeled.
      • No conclusions can be drawn without an interval of confidence, value p or R2.
      • Bars or area charts cannot be truncated.
      • There are no resolution or range issues.
    3. In general, that the image:
      • Is comprehensible to those with colorblindness.
      • Does not have excessive decorations.
      • Be clear and have an adequate resolution.
      • If interactive, be in web format.
  11. If any online project is edited after the stablished deadline for participation, but before the jury issues an opinion, it may be disqualified.
  12. The jury reserves the power to declare the prize null and void.
  13. The result will be made public in the site https://rusersasturias.github.io/contest/ and the winner will be notified by email.
  14. The winner will have a period of seven calendar days to accept the prize.

Contact: grupousuariosrasturias@gmail.com.